Boost Your Brain Power With These Superfoods

You know when you get a slight headache and your brain feels tired of all the learning and assignment writing? You are not alone! It happens to most people and sometimes you need a day to review what you have been doing and how you can get your brain on track again.  


When you are a student you don’t have the luxury of wasting a day, because you have too much work that must get done and then there are the classes to attend.


That is why you need to eat the best foods for your brain to give it a kick start when it’s down or needs an extra boost when feeling tired.

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Drinking coffee or tea

For all the coffeeholics research conducted by the University of Edinburgh and Southampton has shown that coffee is actually good for the brain. The study suggests that if you drink five or more cups of coffee a day, it will prevent you from getting Alzheimer’s disease and wake your brain up at the same time. It’s good to know that coffee has never been bad for us! Drinking green tea can also help prevent your brain from getting tired and provide you with some nice antioxidants.

Whole grain foods

Your body needs energy to work properly and keep you going as long as possible until you can go to sleep and rest. Your brain uses this energy to fuel itself to work properly. To get this energy and fuel you need to eat brown whole grain food like rice, pasta and brown cereal. Think All-Bran flakes!

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Dark fruit and veggies

Blueberries can be seen as a miracle fruit as it helps to improve and boost your short-term memory. They have a compound in them called anthocyanins that make it possible for them to do this. But they are not the only fruit that has this compound, look out for any dark fruit or vegetable, it’s almost guaranteed that they will have it in them.

Eat some eggs, chicken and fish

The price of these items can seem quite pricey on a student budget, but if you can eat one or two of them a week it will already help. These three superfoods are rich in vitamin B which will help your brain to not shrink and improve your cognitive abilities.

Service your brain

Just like a car needs a service to be able to run smoothly, you need to service your brain with superfoods to make sure it runs smoothly and get the most out of it. So while you are writing your best essay or a custom thesis paper, snack on some of these foods. It will give you the boost you need and help you get the best results you can on your assignments.


These foods are just a small group that is out there to help your brain boost its fuel to last longer, reduce short-term memory loss and keep your brain from feeling tired all the time.


So, before you start your next assignment go get yourself some superfoods to help you concentrate.


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