Succeed While Studying: Find The Perfect Part Time Job

Life as a student leaves little time for finding a worthwhile part-time job, but that still has not stopped 77% of UK students actively working while studying, according to the survey done by Endsleigh.  


With the rising costs of daily living in addition to the pressure of an already rigorous study schedule,  most students stress about where and how to find work. Notwithstanding the need to fit in their assignment deadlines.



Why get a job


There are many benefits of finding the right student job. Besides the obvious of acquiring extra money to cater for a better social life, others include the benefit of having adequate job experience, a great motivator for getting those qualifications achieved.


Take into consideration that you will need to have a flexible schedule that won’t leave you sleep deprived.  Jobs like bartending and waitering positions work well, because students can finish the day’s classes and clock in on time for work. There are other options too. One of which is going into retail. This industry has been known to offer a large number of positions to students.


Start searching early, that is what many of the students that have succeeded in finding part time jobs suggest doing. Here is a whole list of testimonials and advice from students that were in similar situations. One of the main tips were, by securing the job early on in the term allowed them to make time for their studies and plan ahead for the year. True effectivity lies in the organisation of time.

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The price of committing to assignments


The life of a student is filled with many temptations to skip class or leave an assignment to the last second. This is a detrimental cycle that has caught numerous students sitting without having achieved their qualifications and a heap of student debt.


The schedule of finishing assignments is not as flexible as the part-time job shifts and this leaves many students doubting whether or not they are even able to keep a part-time job.


The terms are short, averaging around eight-weeks, and dealing with approximately three assignments at any given time feels like a strain. This should not get students down as there are services that allow for them to get help to complete writing an essay and still earn the income they need.


Working and reviews on assignments


Post-graduate theses are daunting and require a lot of writing and proofreading and editing that costs valuable time, especially if students are keen on keeping their flex-schedule part-time work. These demands have many students wondering how they will complete writing their thesis?


The time and effort that goes into completing a thesis, never mind the painstaking process of reviewing the document can affect a student’s ability to finish the academic year with a quality document.


There is online assistance, that will not cost students an arm and a leg to get the assistance they need to review a thesis. Looking for alternative help is commendable and in many cases, can save a student from the disastrous effects of “burn-out”.


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