Tips on Writing an Essay

The first thing you have to do when you are writing an essay is research the topic you are writing about. It is important to build on the ideas of other academics, and by studying the opinions and statements of experts in a particular field you can formulate more complicated and interesting ideas of your own. While an essay shouldn’t simply be a regurgitation of data from various sources, it is crucial to see what other people have said on a particular subject before you establish your own unique point of view. Make sure to draw data from a variety of reputable sources, and to examine critically all points of view. Both libraries and the internet can be great resources for your research, and make sure to invest sufficient time in your research.

The second step in writing an essay is to pump out a rough draft. Don’t worry too much about getting everything exactly perfect at this stage in your project. Essay writing is fundamentally a creative endeavour, so during the draft stage you want to simply allow your creative abilities to go unchecked and create a crude outline of what will eventually become your finished product. Later on you can correct for grammar, spelling as well as reshape your essay and reevaluate some of the core ideas, but at this stage of the game you simply want to focus on getting your rough draft done.

The final step in working on your paper is to proofread and edit. You are going to want to review not only the spelling and grammar, but also the entire structure of your project and how the ideas fit together. At this point you will also want to create a title page and works cited in accordance with the standards of your class. When proofreading it is important to not focus on the ideas or the essay itself, but instead look simply at spelling, grammar and sentence structure; consider the tree, not the forest.

Writing an essay can be a challenging task, but developing competency with the English language is a skill that will continue to pay dividends your entire life. By breaking the project down into steps, you will find that even the most daunting of projects can be overcome.

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