Efficiently Balance Revision and Coursework

The pressure to keep up with revising and preparing for exams while still juggling heaps of coursework can be overwhelming and often feels like an impossible feat. Not only do you have to learn new work, but also retain what you have covered previously well enough to get the mark you’re aiming for. Balancing your study prep and coursework all comes down to finding a method that works for you, but still following a basic guideline.


The significance of balance allows you to maintain your university schedule and achieve your goals. In order to be the best student you can be, it’s vital to know how you will get there and find ways to help optimize time and save as much energy as you can. With a focused, personalized method, efficiently maintaining the balance between revision and coursework can be manageable and even easy, regardless of the weight of your workload.


Plan It Down To The Hour


Planning is the most essential part of your study success (and all other aspects of your life too). A timetable or daily planner is an easy way to organize your study time while accommodating coursework. You need to consider workload, deadlines, and priorities, while still staying on top of your studies. The benefit of planning is that it allows you to create a routine, schedule in time for rest and still know that you have enough time to complete all tasks and assignments. Adding an hour or two of revision each day will keep you on a steady track of productivity.


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Digital Learning


The advantage of living in a time of advanced technology is the abundance of helpful alternative methods available to aid learning. Podcasts and YouTube videos are a convenient technique for when you’re limited for time or just feel too depleted to read one more page of your textbook. Watching a video or listening to a podcast that summarizes your coursework before bed or while you eat can round off a day of work in a relaxed way with minimal effort.


Another gift from technology is the option of a cheap thesis writing service, that offers to do the tedious task while you focus on revision and other pressing issues. You can request essay writing examples and consult reviews to help decide which way to go and which service to use. An added benefit is that the essay writing price for 2018 is considerate of student budgets, making the service affordable.

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Combine The Two


Using coursework as a means of revising is one of the few times “multitasking” while studying actually works. Focusing on your coursework wholeheartedly gets you in the mindset to grasp what you are studying and ensures that you will retain the information. When doing coursework, think of how it relates to your revision and how the connection can aid your understanding. Making notes while doing your work will also save time later when you need summaries to study from.


Digital learning resources and a coursework/ revision combination are the way of our advanced technological age. These simple, timing saving techniques are the path to achieving that balance between revision and coursework we all need to succeed.


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