Finding A Revision Technique That Works For You

Why is a revision strategy important? To answer this question it’s important to think about the most neglected part of the writing process. Revision! Having said that, it is important to know that the revision of any paper is the most vital part of the writing process.

Without revising, your entire essay could be a huge mambo jumbo of nonsense or one big mess. For it to be effective, a writer has to become engaged in the process of evaluating, re-evaluating and assessing their writing before they start revising.

Revising a paper goes deeper than just editing and correcting errors on the surface of the paper and accidental typos. It works by analyzing the actual argument on which a paper is based.

By doing a detailed evaluation of the ideas featured in the paper, a writer can develop a stronger focus and even create a personal style of their writing. The revision strategy is however not as clear-cut as it seems because it requires pre-planning and consideration from the writer.

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Failing To Revise Properly

Hobart and William Smith Colleges mention things that could possibly go wrong before and during the revision process. Knowing that a college paper is due is very stressful and it can cause students anxiety. This causes them to revise their paper as they write, wasting far too much time instead of getting ideas written down and afterwards getting involved in the revision process.

They believe most students cannot wait to get done with the daunting process of writing and that is why they fail at going back and revising their papers. These revision strategies can have seriously damaging effects on the writing process and the work produced if it is not done correctly.  They stated that revision must be more extensive than the actual writing process itself.

Putting Time To Good Use

A lecturer from Coursera said the best strategy for revision is time and that students need to give themselves time after they write to not think about their writing. That way they are not as anxious when they revise their paper and the actual revision task is easier rather than difficult.

Planning a time frame for your essay writing is important, because this way you can set deadlines to complete your essay, take a break and afterwards still have time to revise and rework. To succeed in the revision process a student needs to look at the bigger picture, by making sure their essay includes the purpose of the writing assignment.

They can do this by questioning themselves about whether they have followed the correct essay writing structure. The student needs to pay attention to the development of the essay, by knowing the main ideas of the essay and making sure they are supported. The assisting materials must support the main idea and it is a very important step in revising an essay.

The Building Blocks Of An Essay

Attention should be given to the structure of the essay and the student can do this by knowing how to format an essay correctly.

After the main idea and essay, structures have been established the student needs to ensure the sentence structure is correct. Sentences need to be concise, clear and sensible. This is where they learn to adapt their own essay writing style.

Several revision strategies have mentioned that revision includes, adding details, deleting unnecessary words as well as rearranging the paper for better clarity and effect. The revision process should not be thought of as correcting your work, but it’s rather used for perfecting, brightening and sharpening.

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Style Of Writing

Remember beside noticing your style of writing, lecturers or markers are looking for the ideas that you have presented in your work. Placing your ideas randomly throughout the paper is simply not going to cut it. You may be required to arrange and rearrange ideas so that they can flow in a logical way.

It is in the revision process that you reassess the order of your ideas and see if your writing actually makes sense. This is important as it may lead to the changing of many of your ideas and the main aim of developing an idea is to see it through until the end.

This is where the change of an idea or the revision process as a whole takes a toll on the writer leaving them chopping and changing more than they expected to. A change of one simple idea can lead you to make major changes in your paper. You cannot apply one revision strategy to every assignment.

Each assignment is unique and will require an individual revision process. Different parts of your paper will have different needs that is why it will be best to use several revision strategies that will suit that part of your essay.

Guidance From The Writing Center

The writing center in the University of Wisconsin Madison suggests the funnelling technique, a strategy that writers can use to revise their work correctly. This involves reviewing your work as a whole. After that, every section is reviewed, every paragraph and every sentence.

This is one technique that you can use, but the technique is flexible and can be bent. The writing centre suggests, “Think big, don’t tinker.” This is to advise writers to think of the bigger picture of writing and not to focus on the smaller errors when they proofread.

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Revision Options To Consider

Rebecca Alber suggests on Edutopia that in order to get students to write well it is important to provide writing models for them. This way they get a better understanding of what it is they need to do and have an idea of what they can follow.  

At a college level, students need to be able to research and understand how to format an essay. Knowing the essay writing structure is very important because, without it, it becomes impossible for writers to progress any further or advance their writing skills.

Students don’t have to feel alone and afraid when they start the writing process as there are writing services out there to assist and guide them. If a student has limited time available to stick to the essay writing format, they can outsource the essay at a reasonable outsource essay cost.

Certain writing services provide reviews on essays so as to help students get an idea of how to go about writing. Outsourcing an essay is sometimes worth the price and saves the student from the anxiety of having a college paper due soon.

The University of Leicester mentions that students should take control of their essays. Taking control doesn’t mean doing things entirely on your own but rather being realistic. It is impossible to work without any breaks. Sometimes it is even impossible to even do it yourself, therefore, it is important to get help from forums that provide writing assistance.

These writing services provide original essay writing work by qualified academics that not only assist with revision and the writing process but also provide feedback and guidance to the students.

Assistance With Revision

Students may find it difficult to remember every argument in their essay. It’s normal because an essay is not just a page long, but more like 3 pages long. They often also forget all the feedback they’ve ever received from their lecturers.  That is why from time to time students need to work with other experts and professionals to get their work reviewed so they can get new feedback and know where they stand. The internet has a lot of resources and service to help students write their best.

Some writing services use techniques like reverse outlines and mining when they tackle an essay topic to ensure the main point of the essay stands out and gets supported by points following. Outsourced essay work must not be seen as a problem for students but rather as a benefit.

Employing techniques such as the ones mentioned may be difficult for a beginner writer and they may need some help understanding it and students can only advance their own writing skills if they often are readers. Reading essays that professional academics have written can ultimately get you to write professionally too.

Students often feel that when they revise they tend to make things worse and actually ruin their essays. But the best essay writers rewrote their work many times so, sometimes perfecting your work requires challenging yourself and revising and rewriting until you are happy.

When you love your work it may be very difficult to change anything and you may fail to see your errors. That is why getting someone else to review your work and point out the areas that require change is important.

To be a good reviser you need to imagine yourself in the shoes of the reader that is how you can spot your errors. The more demanding you are on yourself the better work you will produce.


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