Helpful Study Apps That Every Student Needs

Being a student is hard enough as it is and asking for help may seem like you are cheating on your study work. Most people think there is nothing out there to help them through their studies, but there are a lot of companies who provide services directly targeted at helping students learn better and faster.

Every young person, these days, is constantly on their phone and media savvy. That is why study apps are an integral part of any student’s life.

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Sitting through a lecture scribbling your arm off is not ideal, and why does anyone want to do that if there is an app to make it easier. Soundnote is known as a lecture capture app. It has a video and audio recorder that you can use to capture the whole lecture and review it later. It’s as easy as that! The lecture can also be stored in either video or audio format or both.


This app is there to help you schedule your academic paper writing and that cheap biology thesis paper that you are dreading to write. The lite version can be used for free for one semester, including, five courses, 15 assignments, 15 classes and many more. If you like it and it helps you can buy the full version for a cheap price and it will give you unlimited help.


This is a flashcard builder. Most people only use flashcards up to high school, but it can help you remember that difficult phrase that you just can’t seem to get into your head. Build your own flashcards or download relevant ones that are already premade on the app. It’s easy to use and best of all it’s free!

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If you are a very forgetful person and remember at the last minute you have an assignment due, then maybe you need Todoist. Use this nifty app to track your assignments, classes, set reminders for when you need to start working on an assignment and bookmark all the websites that you need.

Carrying a dictionary with you to exams or reading through it searching for words while doing assignments can be exhausting and it might seem like you are living in the Flintstone era. Now, you may not be able to use this app in exam time, because phones are not allowed. But you can use it while doing assignments. It has over 2 million definitions and includes each word’s history and origin.

A search history, synonyms, and thesaurus are just some of the features of this app. This is, of course, a free app, but if you need an Encyclopedia or a medical dictionary you can buy it on the app.

There is a lot of help out there for students and it’s not just apps. There are forums, guides, assistant services from lecturers or writers to help with the more difficult assignments.

So, don’t ever feel like you can’t ask for help because you can. Use all the help you can get, in the end, you will thank yourself.

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