Tips On Using Your Student Discount

Being a student normally means that you are broke and academically focussed. The dark tunnel leading to your graduation seems so close, but yet so far away. In most countries like the UK, it can be quite expensive to be a student, and who has time to get a part-time job when you have so many plates juggling at ones? Nobody has time for that! But there is a way that you can save money and get those things you have always wanted or needed since starting college.

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Getting it sorted

In order for you to get discounts on practically anything, you would need a student card obviously, which you obtain from the university you are studying at. After your course has started you can register for any one of these three options that suit your needs the best.


The three options are Unidays, NUS Extra card and Student Beans. They all have an app that you can download to make using their service easier and more accessible. Unidays allows you to sign up for free to receive discounts from hundreds of retail stores around the world. They are the easiest option. NUS Extra card is not for free, you have to pay a yearly fee of £12 to access their database and you can only use Student Beans if your university is signed up to their scheme.

Receive price discounts

Once you have registered the world is now your oyster! Whether you are a foodie looking for great meal discounts or a shopaholic needing the best new clothes, you can get it just by being a student. Great stuff, right?


Some of the clothing retail shops where you can get discounts are Adidas, Levi’s, Reebok and Vans. These are just some of the many out there. Regarding food shops, it’s Domino’s Pizza, Giraffe, Mcdonald’s, GBK and Zizzi.  Not everyone will always interested in buying clothes and food, but rather to go out and do some fun things.


With your discount card, you can visit two of the UK’s most famous cinema chains, Cineworld and Odeon. When you are done there and you are looking for a history lesson why not catch a train ride and go to the museum. And you don’t have to worry because you get discounts on all of them!

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Review your student life

All these things are great to have as a bonus for being a student but remember your key aim should be to achieve the best results in your subjects to graduate with ease. Whether you are writing a college paper or need to be a dissertation writer you need to plan out your strategies so that you can finish your assignments on time.


Having the best technology devices like laptops, and smartphones can help you schedule your assignment time to get it done and if something happens you can arrange that someone gets notified of your assignment that is due.


Being a student is sometimes a lot to take in, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes fun and interesting. And besides, you have all these discounts to have fun with when things get a bit much.


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