Techniques That​ Fire Your Memory For Retention of Study ​Information​​

When it comes to acing an exam, there’s no doubt how well you remembered the information you studied plays a major role. The part of the brain that houses your memory is the hippocampus and, contrary to popular belief, it can serve you with perfect memory recall well into your 90s provided you treat and train it well. Exercise, eating well, resting enough and acquiring new skills as you get older all help to keep the hippocampus alert. Similarly, there are ways to finetune the hippocampus so it gives you great memory recall on exam day. Here are some ways to do just that.

Record the information you want to remember and play it back

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Ever notice how, after listening to a catchy tune, you start remembering the words after a while and can sing along perfectly? Or how you know the lines of parts of your favourite movies off by heart? That’s because hearing something often enough activates a ‘record’ button in your hippocampus. So, get out that voice recorder app on your smartphone, and start listening to your study notes!


Write out topic information in an orderly fashion


Your brain hates disorder so messy study notes will get you nowhere. Your study desk, as well as your study files and notes, must be as organised as possible. When you have logically set out the information for yourself, for example in a well-written essay, write it out again, even if in point form. Like listening to info imprints it on the brain, writing does the same thing.


If you cannot put your information into a logical structure such as a good essay, or scored badly on an essay question that’s bound to come up in the exam, consider using a bespoke essay writing service and getting assignment help. When looking for a company that can help with academic essay writing so you can memorise a few topics for the exam, be sure to find out exactly what service is being provided for the price you are paying. It is critical to study the reviews such a company gets – they are potentially helping you secure your future. Make sure that the reviews are not fake, and that even if you can get your essay done for a cheap price, you are still getting a great service.


Using this technique of consolidating your info into a good structure such as an essay then writing it out again is the well-known consolidate-and-recall method.

Use Mnemonics, mind-mapping and other visual techniques

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A mnemonic helps you to remember a concept by making a word of the first letter of each word in a sentence. For example, if you were trying to remember the colours of the rainbow – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet – you could remember it as Roy. G Biv.


Mind-mapping and spidergram techniques work just as well because they are visual. As with writing out your essays in point form to improve recall, practice recalling your mind maps or being able to redraw your study notes in spider diagrams – that is the whole point.


By using visual techniques and mnemonics, the consolidate-and-recall method and recording important information, you will be well on your way to storing your study notes into the flip file of your brain and easily being able to find the right page in that file come exam day.

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